Griezējnazis PRO

Professional cutting tool for Knot Filler repairs

Professional Cutting Tool that easily removes excess Knot Filler. This professional cutting tool is perfect for bigger and/or longer repairs with Knot Filler in both wood and formwork panels. It is perfect for a two-hand-grip and thus increase safety when cutting off excess Knot Filler. 

♦   Professinal Cutting Tool   ​♦  Increased safety   ​♦  Very effective
​♦  Easy to use   ​♦  Perfect for two-hand-grip ​

Size: Lenght 320mm, Width 105mm
Griezējnazis PRO

How does it work?

Use the Cutting Tool PRO this easy:

1.   Use a cooling brick/iron to cool off the warm, fluent Knot Filler   
2.   Remove the cooling brick/iron when it easily slips
3.   Place the Cutting Tool PRO on the even surface where the excess Knot Filler needs to be removed
4.   Cut off excess Knot Filler - use a two-hand-grip for increased safety
5.   The Cutting Tool PRO is perfect for both repairs in wood and formwork panels